sexta-feira, maio 18, 2007

thought he had a

mission , Dave the Moonman , to prove to everyone that no-one had ever landed on the moon . But that wasn't it at all . He was telling everyone all this stuff he'd learned cause he was hoping someone could prove to him it was wrong, and it wasn't just a hoax . Cause dreaming was so much harder otherwise . And it was so much harder to find the belief to get things done - lying out on the lawn at night , drunk , with the dew soaking through the back of your jacket . And all that distance between here and there . And he really wanted to believe that people had travelled to the moon in that crazy rocket , that looked as if it was made out of tin-foil and cardboard . He really wanted to believe that they'd managed to get it there , just by strapping enough fuel on , even though today you probably wouldn't trust it to get you down the shops

sábado, maio 12, 2007

valor arcaico reloaded

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